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MAPLE + Lattimer Gallery

We've realigned  with Lattimer gallery and Ojibwe artist Kelvin Thompson on a small capsule collection for AW17 consisting of  a Thunderbird pendant and ring. Shot in NYC by photographer Cameron Hicks the editorial showcases our Bandana scarf alongside some of other AW17 jewellery offerings.

Kelvin is a self taught artist who began carving in 1978. In 1979 he studied under Barry Wilson at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship centre and worked with Derek Wilson carving silver and gold jewellery. In 2009 Kelvin was commissioned to engrave 5 cuff bracelets for James Taylor, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall and Elton John.

The Thunderbird is a supernatural creature that is present within the mythology of many Northwest coast Native cultures. It is viewed as both a symbol of power and protection. When this great bird blinks its eyes, lightning appears. And when it flaps its massive wings, thunder rolls.

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